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Do you know all these lesbian couples?

Apr. 15, 2024, 4:56 PM Release

"Look at how well-matched they are, so well-matched that they even have the same gender."

Is this your daily cp state?

If you are busy at work, why not come to the park and do CP to sweeten your life?

Today LesPark will introduce to you three pairs of super sweet couples in the park. Let’s take a look at their daily routine of showing off their affection!

Innocent little tiger tooth

LesPark ID:18662774


The night is soaked, and the earth's air is condensed with moisture;

Everything is still and the trees are silent.

I love you tonight.

Koyo's Island

LesPark ID:10763630


What is happiness?

Happiness is being able to fall asleep together when the night falls;

It's your soft voice calling me at dawn in the morning.

Hu Huanqi

LesPark ID:18532032


We are just like the stars in the dazzling galaxy and the surging waves in the vast blue waves,

Even though the horizon and the sea and the sky never intersect,

We will always be with each other, forever.

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