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Thailand Pride Month Street Visit | Listening to them talk about love and equality

Jul. 09, 2024, 5:00 PM Release

June cheers for love and courage

Rainbows are everywhere, and LesPark always accompanies them.

So, the LesPark squad fell onto the streets of Thailand's Pride Month parade. Pick up the microphone and listen to their voices.

Regarding Love

Q: What is the ideal type?

A: "I hold an open attitude towards everyone... If I like that girl, I won't hesitate."

For love, they have enough courage. They believe that love and pride have no limits.

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Regarding Equality


A:“我覺得很高興。 如果未來我們可以結婚,大家都把我們當成普通情侶一樣對待”

對於平等,她們渴望且敢於追求。 她們相信愛和平等最終都會獲勝。

截屏2024-06-19 下午6.27.28-pziufofytgzu.png截屏2024-06-19 下午6.28.01-anznncvadpto.png

Regarding LesPark

Q: Have you ever heard of LesPark?

A: "I have heard that it would be great if there were such a platform where we could get to know each other."

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LesPark was born with a rainbow, feeding it back.

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